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Santok Old Photographs of Zantoch


Santok is a large village located at the confluence of the rivers Warta and Noteć, 11 km. east of Gorzów Wlkp.

The name Santok is believed to derive from the word sątok which meant river confluence. The village was first settled in the 8th century and mostly functioned as a fortified settlement. During this period it was one of the main economic and political centres in the western section of the river Warta.

In around the Xth century Santok was destroyed by fire and after that rebuilt again as a powerful castle. In the XIth century it was known as the "key and watchtower" of the Polish kingdom.

Over the centuries Santok was destroyed and rebuilt constantly, also it often changed ownership. In 1465 it was included in Brandenburg, Prussia and didn't return to Polish control again until 1945, when Poland's borders were shifted westward as a result of decisions taken at the Potsdam Conference.

Santok today consists mainly of one long narrow street. On the south bank of the River Warta (Warthe) before and after the Second World War archeologists found the remains of several castles. One from the IX century was surrounded by stockade, another three were encircled by wood and earth embankments.

To reach the second bank of the river one can use the traditional river ferry. Next to the crossing there is the Santok Stronghold Museum, which was opened for the first time in 1978. The museum is located in a 200 square meter building.

Near the museum there is a neogothic church from XIX century, right alongside the main street a timber-framed belfry built in 1764 is located. The belfry is a remnant of an old church which was destroyed in the XIX century because of the construction of the railway connecting Gorzow with Poznan. Trains still stop at the small railway station in the village. The majority of houses in the village were built in the first part of XIX century.

Another interesting thing in Santok is a stone watchtower, built between the wars, on a hill overlooking Santok and the River Warta.




German Name: Zantoch

Province : Lubuskie 

Nearest City: Gorzów Wlkp

Santok River Ferry Crossing, Poland

Nearby Villages and Towns: Barlinek; Borek; Brzezinka; Brzozowiec; Czechow; Dobrojewo; Drezdenko; Gorki; Goscimiec; Gościnowo; Gralewo; Janczewo; Lipki Wielkie; Murzynowo; Plomykowo; Rozanki; Skwierzyna; Stare Polichno; Strzelce; Wawrow; Zdroisko.

Local Attractions: Santok stronghold museum, unspoilt countryside, fishing, boating, bird watching, river ferry, roadside shrines, River Notec.

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