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S這nsk sonnenburg neumark

A pre-war picture postcard of the church in Sonnenburg N-M / S這雟k.

Slonsk wetlands, Lubuskie, Poland

The wetlands of the Warta National Park just outside of Slonsk, Lubuskie, Poland. The whole area is a haven for birds and wildlife of all kinds.

Sonnenburg N-M / S這雟k.

The now-ruined Knights Hospitaller Castle / Palace in Sonnenburg N-M, c.1940. At the end of the Second World War following the town's capture by the Soviet Army and decisions made at the post-war Potsdam Conference, Sonnenburg was renamed S這雟k and became part of Poland.


Polish Name: S這雟k

German Name: Sonnenburg, Brandenburg / Neumark

Province : Lubuskie 

Nearest City: Gorz闚 Wlkp

Nearby Villages and Towns: Bledzew, Chwarszczany, Cychry, Glebokie, Kostrzyn, Krzeszyce, Kunowice, Lagow, Ledargowo, Lemierzyce, Lubniewice, Osno Lubuskie, Pyrzany, Sarbinowo, Skwierzyna, Sulecin, Swierkocin, Witnica

Local Attractions: zoo safari park; interesting views over the river Warta (Warthe) and Postomia; 15th century Church; Knights of St John Church and Palace; Warta Bird and Nature Reserve.

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