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stettin Pommern

Here are some photographs of pre-second-world-war Stettin, Germany. Since 1945 the city has been called Szczecin and is now part of Poland. We have an extensive archive of old postcards and photographs of what was Pomerania / Pommern, prior to the end of the Second World War, and can supply old maps and present day photographs of Stettin (Szczecin) and other areas in modern Poland. More photographs and postcards of Stettin.

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Polish name: Szczecin

German name: Stettin

German Province: Western Pomerania (Pommern)

Polish Province: Zachodniopomorskie

Nearby villages and towns: Banie, Chojna, Goleniow, Gryfino, Kamien Pomorski, Miedzyzdroje, Police, Pyrzyce, Stargard Szczecinski, Swinoujscie, Wolin

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