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Storks in Poland

Storks in Poland

A storks nest sitting on top of a specially constructed framework at the top of a telegraph lines. This nest is just outside the town of Skwierzyna in the west of Poland.

Poland has the world's largest population of white storks between April and August each year. Towns and villages all over Poland welcome there arrival in an area as a sign of fertility and prosperity, and even construct special platforms for them to nest on, in an effort to make them feel even more welcome! White storks eat frogs, newts, mice, earthworms, and insects, so tend to breed where these ar most abundant. These areas are typically wetlands and meadows beside rivers. The River Warta and Obra valleys are particularly blessed with  large numbers of white storks. In the village of Santok, the main street of the village is lined with stork's nest, each of these nests containing parent birds and up to four chicks during the summer.

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