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 Swiebodzin, Lubusz, Polen

The 'apteka' (chemists) in the centre of the town of Swiebodzin in Lubuskie, Poland. If you'd like to see how Świebodzin looked prior to 1945 when it was named Schwiebus and part of the German state of East Brandenburg visit our old pictures of Świebodzin page.

swiebodzin poland

The world's tallest statue of Jesus Christ located just outside Swiebodzin in Lubuskie, Poland. Including the crown the Swiebodzin statue of Christ King reaches a height of 33 metre (118 ft) and cost in excess of one million euros to build.


Polish Name: Świebodzin

German Name: Schwiebus

Province : Lubuskie / Lebus / Lubusz

Nearby Villages and Towns: Babimost; Brójce; Cigacice; Dabrowka; Kargowa; Kepsko; Kije; Krosno; Lubrza; Lugow; Miedzyrzecz; Niekarzyn; Paradyz; Palck; Rakow; Skape; Slawa; Stary Dwor; Sulechow; Torzym; Trzciel; Wolstzyn; Zbaszyn; Zbaszynek; Zielona Gora

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  Statue Jesus Christ

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