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Test Your Knowledge of Poland

Here is a general knowledge quiz about Polish and Poland. Test what you know about Poland by answering the five questions below. You may also like to try another Poland Quiz.


1. What is the national symbol of Poland?
a) White-Tailed Eagle
b) Turtle
c) Brown Bear
d) Wild Boar (Pig)

2. Prior to 1945 the city of Wroc³aw in Poland was part of Germany and called ____
a) Woldenberg
b) Landsberg Warthe
c) Breslau
d) Danzig

3. Where was the first Jewish ghetto established by the Germans (on October 8, 1939)?
a) Krakow, Poland
b) Warsaw, Poland
c) Lodz, Poland
d) Piotrkow, Poland

4. What do most Polish people eat as main course on Christmas Eve?
a) Turkey
b) Salmon
c) Goose
d) Carp

5. Which city is closest to the Polish border with Germany?
a) Gorzow Wlkp
b) Poznan
c) Wroc³aw
d) Bydgoszcz



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