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wedrzyn wandern army camp

Tents and troops in the army camp in Wędrzyn / Wandern, 1918.

wedrzyn wanern

The Church and old part of the village of Wędrzyn / Wandern, c.1939.


The combined primary and secondary school in the village of Wedrzyn near Sulecin.

Wędrzyn has for many years been a base used by various armies. Initially German, and from the end of World War II, Russian, and since the fall of Communism, Polish. Today it is an army base for tank and mechanized regiments, and a training ground used by various NATO forces, including American and British forces. Almost all of the residents of Wedrzyn work in some way in the large Polish army base and military training area, which covers the whole area. It has been claimed that prior to the fall of the Soviet block in 1989/1990 Russian nuclear weapons were hidden in silos in the forest.


Polish Name: Wędrzyn

German Name: Wandern

Province : Lubuskie 

Nearest City: Gorzow Wlkp

Nearby Villages and Towns: Bledzew; Brzezno; Dlugoszyn; Glebokie; Glisno; Lagow; Lubień; Lubniewice; Małuszów; Miechow; Miedzyrzecz; Osno; Ostrów; Rokitno; Skwierzyna; Smogóry; Sulecin; Swierkocin; Swierczow; Trzemeszno; Zubrow

Local Attractions: castle, historic buildings, lakes, forests, Miedzyrzecz fortifications and Nietoperek bat reserve

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