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Wielkopolska Province, Poland

Greater Poland

Map of Wielkopolskie, Poland  

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Wielkopolskie (Greater Poland) is the historical heart of Poland. The Wielkopolska region is a flat region interspersed with forests and lakes. It was the base of the ancient Polanie tribe, a Slavic tribe from which the Polish nation emerged. Some historians believe that Gniezno is where Mieszko, Poland's first historical ruler, was baptized in 966, and which became Poland's first capital. Despite Poland's capital changing to Kraków in 1038, Wielkopolska, however,  remained an integral part of Poland until its annexation by Prussia at the time of the second partition (1773). From that date on the region underwent intensive Germanization. After Germany's defeat in the first world war most of the region was reincorporated into Poland. 

The River Warta is a central feature of Wielkopolskie and winds its way through the middle of the region. Poznan, the biggest city of Greater Poland and the capital of the whole region is located along the river's banks. Most of the Wielkopolskie region is flat, and consists of a large lake district around Wolsztyn, Sierakow, Chodziez, Poznan and Gniezno. Large tracts of forests are located in the west of the region, especially near Miedzychod (the Notecka Forest). See also: Wielkopolska.





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