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A multi-view picture postcard from Wollstein (Wolsztyn), Posen province, c.1909.

wollstein bomst

An old photograph showing the mains sewage system being installed in Wollstein, c.1906.

wollstein posen

An old image of the cental market place (wochenmarkt) in Wollstein, c.1909.

wollstein wolsztyn

A small sailboat on the lake in Wollstein (Wolsztyn), c.1920. Note how the location has been changed from Wollstein to Wolsztyn and the word 'See' meaning lake changed to the Polish 'Jezioro'.

wollstein wartheland

Another picture postcard view of the lake in Wollstein (Wolsztyn). This dates back to the war years as evidenced by the name Wollstein / Wartheland.

   More old pictures of Wolsztyn / Wollstein.


Polish name: Wolsztyn

Former German Name: Wollstein

Province : Wielkopolskie (Posen Province)

Nearest Cities: Gorzow Wlkp; Zielona Gora, Poznan

Nearby Villages and Towns: Babimost; Grodzisk Wlkp; Kargowa; Miedzyrzecz; Obra; Nowy Tomysl; RakoniewiceSulechow; Trzciel; Zbaszyn; Zbaszynek

Local Attractions: Lakes, forests, steam railway skansen

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