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Steam locomotives at Wolsztyn, Polen

The steam locomotive shed in Wolsztyn, in the west of Poland. Wolsztyn is now the last place in Europe where train enthusiasts can see mainline steam locomotives operating daily pulling both freight and passenger trains. More about steam in Poland.

Wolsztyn, formerly known as Wollstein in the Prussian province of Ostbrandenburg, was once a well-known centre of woollen cloth production. Today Wolsztyn (pop. 14,000) is a popular holiday spot both with Polish tourists and visitors from Germany, the Netherlands, and even further afield. The town itself is situated amidst lakes and on the River Obra and Dojca, and was first mentioned in 1424 when it was already a town. After a great fire in 1810 Wolsztyn had to be practically built anew. 

The many attractions in the town include: a tourist hostel in the Classicist 19th century palace, as well as a recreation and water sports centre on Lake Wolsztyn. Besides the 18th century Baroque church, also worth a visit is the local regional museum and the second world war Russian cemetary.

The village of Obra, with valuable post-Cistercian church and monastery from the 18th century, is 10 km. southwest of Wolsztyn, while 12 km. east, near Poznan road, sits the little town of Rakoniewice, which has partly preserved its historical market square with arcaded houses dating back to the 18th century. There is also an interesting museum of firefighting, and an open air museum of folk architecture.

Fans of boating and canoeing will delight in the attractive River Obra, which interconnects a number of the local lakes. Likewise anyone interested in railways will love the open-air railway skansen museum, with the last mainline steam locomotive services in Europe operating from the town.

Polish name: Wolsztyn

Former German Name: Wollstein

Province : Wielkopolskie (Posen Province)

Nearest Cities: Gorzow Wlkp; Zielona Gora, Poznan

Nearby Villages and Towns: Babimost; Grodzisk Wlkp; Kargowa; Miedzyrzecz; Obra; Nowy Tomysl; Rakoniewice; Sulechow; Trzciel; Zbaszyn; Zbaszynek

Local Attractions: Lakes, forests, steam railway skansen

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