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An antique picture postcard of Zaborowice (Saborwitz), c.1911. Photographs of the railway station, manor house, school and a guesthouse.

zaborowice silesia schlesien

A digital scan of an old picture postcard featuring photographs of the village store, toll house, war monument and railroad station in Zaborowice. This particular card was posted from nearby Guhrau (Gora) to the city of Landsberg an der Warthe (Gorzow) in 1930.


Another postcard from Zaborowice / Saborwitz. This time during the period 1937- 1945 when the village was renamed Waffendorf. Following the decisions made at the Potsdam conference and the redrawing of the borders of Germany and Poland in 1945 the village was renamed Zaborowice and became part of Poland.


Polish name: Zaborowice

German Name: Saborwitz / Waffendorf (Lower Silesia / Posen)

Polish Province Wielkopolskie (Greater Poland)

Nearby towns: Góra (Guhrau); Wolow (Wohlau)

Nearest cities: Poznan; Wroclaw


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