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zagan lubuskie poland

Plac Slowianski in Żagań, western Poland, c.1973.

zagan poland

Another view of Plac Slowianski in Zagan, Lubuskie, Poland, c.1973.

the town wall - Zagan

The town wall and Cathedral Church in the town of Zagan, Lubuskie, Poland.

Zagan is a small, picturesque, town with a population of around 14,000 in the south west of Poland. During the Second World War, the forest around Zagan (then located deep in Germany and named Sagan) was the location of the infamous Stalag Luft III, and the 'Great Escape' where 76 prisoners of war escaped by a man made tunnel from the German Luft Waffe prison camp. The escape, made famous by the Hollywood movie starring Steve McQueen, resulted in all but three of those who escaped being recaptured and 50 executed contrary to the Geneva Convention. The former grounds of the Stalag Luft III at Zagan are now part of a Polish military training area. Near the former camp site is small, but interesting museum, and some recently erected monuments. More about the Great Escape. Zagan was also the birthplace of the German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler.

Polish name: Żagań

German name: Sagan (Schlesien)

Province : Lubuskie / Lebus / Lubusz 

Nearest City: Zielona Gora

Nearby Villages and Towns: Drzonkow; Ilowa; Krosno; Nowogrod Bobrzanski; Ochla; SulechowSwidnica; Stary Kisielin; Szprotawa; Wolstzyn; Zary

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