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zbaszyn poland

The market square in Zbčszyń, Wielkopolskie, Poland, c.1974.

Zbaszyn, Lubusz, Poland

The town square and some typical buildings dating back to the German period when the town was known as Bentschen. Since 1945 it has been known as Zbaszyn, and is located in western Poland.

The then Polish/German border town of Zbaszyn is also known as the location of an infamous Polish holding camp for Jewish deportees from Germany between 1938 and 1939. In reaction to a Polish decree which was to take away the Polish citizenship of Jews living outside of Poland, thousands of Polish Jews residing in Germany were deported back to Poland in October 1938. When they arrived at the border town of Zbaszyn, the Polish authorities, refused to allow them to proceed further into Poland. They therefore became concentrated in the Zbaszyn area, and according to most reports, lived under deplorable conditions until finally being allowed to leave the area in the spring and summer of 1939. More about the Jews deported to Zbaszyn.

Polish name: Zbčszyń (alternative spellings: Zabiczyn / Zbonzhen)

Former German Name: Bentschen

Province : Wielkopolskie (Posen Province / Greater Poland)

Nearest Cities: Gorzow Wlkp; Zielona Gora, Poznan

Nearby Villages and Towns: Babimost; Bledzew; Dabrowka Wielkopolska; Grodzisk; KurskoLubrza; Lutol Mokry; Miedzyrzecz; Skwierzyna; Swiebodzin; Stary Dwor; Strzyżewo; Trzciel; Wolstzyn; Zbaszynek

Local Attractions: Lakes, forests, steam railway skansen; Obra River

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I have just returned (July 2007) from a visit to Wroclaw which incorporated a trip to Zbaszyn. The village is tranquility personified - attractive & serene - with enough facilities to detain a traveller for a few hours... The nearby lake is an attraction in itself with a 'lido' atmosphere - hundreds of children enjoying the facilities safeguarded by a watchful lifeguard. My only adverse comment is the web page picture of the village square which appears to be spartan and dour. It is now envigorated with lively banners and cafe/bar facilities - a perfect place to relax & take in the atmosphere. In conclusion - Zbaszyn is a typically rural Polish village, well worth a visit.. Tony D, Nottingham, UK

Editor - you're quite right, the town square looks quite different between late June and September, and has very much a holiday atmosphere. Our most recent picture was taken on a grey day, outside of the peak tourist season.

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