German Names for Polish Towns and Cities

Previous Names for Places in Poland
Here is a fairly comprehensive list of past German names for what are now Polish villages, towns and cities. Many of these villages, towns and cities were once in the German provinces of Western Pomerania (Pommern), Brandenburg, Neumark, Posen or Silesia, which were part of Prussia, Germany before becoming Polish after the Second World War. Special Polish letters have not been used. See a smaller list of Polish / German place names in reverse order. Contact us if the German location you are after isn’t on this list. We might be able to help identify the current Polish name, especially if it was in Pomerania (Pommern), Brandenburg or Neumark. This site also includes hundreds of original pictures of many of these towns and villages. Use the search or Villages, towns and cities links above to visit individual pages about specific locations in the west of Poland.